ARBOX Casque Intelligent avec Lunettes de Réalité Augmentée

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Les Lunettes de Réalité Augmentée d’ARBOX sont un dispositif de nouvelle technologie avec un design moderne. La qualité de l’image est nette et dépend également de la clarté de l’affichage de votre téléphone portable. Avec une conception unique de fente de carte, il peut soutenir Android, IOS et WINDOWS 4,5 à 5,7 pouces pour les téléphones intelligents. Vous pouvez également ajouter les boutons de contrôle Bluetooth et le téléphone peut être connecté via Bluetooth aux lunettes AR. Les lentilles sont recouvertes de plus de 20 revêtements à haute résistance, avec des revêtements anti-traces et anti-rayures. Ce produit offre une expérience d’effet holographique AR puissante et riche grâce à une application IOS et Android que vous pouvez télécharger et utiliser librement.

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name:HOCHYOO
  • Display Number:Dual
  • Gesture Recognition:No
  • Projector Size:Free to adjust
  • PPI:None
  • OIS:No
  • Volume:140*184*110cm
  • Contrast Ratio:With the phone brightness changes
  • Graphics Card Chipset:None
  • CPU Frequency:Depending on the phone processor frequency
  • Battery Capacity:None
  • 3D Play Function:Yes
  • Real-time Map Construction:No
  • GPS:No
  • Operating System:Android
  • MR Holographic Display:Yes
  • Memory Capacity:1G
  • Memory Card Support:16G
  • Auto Focus:No
  • FOV:90
  • Built-in Memory Size:None
  • Monitor Resolution:Other
  • Camera Pixels:None
  • WIFI Standard:None
  • Brightness:With the phone brightness changes
  • Model Number:HCY-ARBOX2
  • Ports:None
  • Gyroscope:No
  • VR Play Function:Yes
  • G-sensor Control:No
  • Bluetooth Standard:Bluetooth v4.0
  • 4m Equivalent Dimension:Free to adjust
  • High Definition Support:Other
  • Camera Number:Single len
  • CPU Model Number:None
  • Operation mode:push button type
  • Wear style:head wear
  • Wireless distance:5m -10m
  1. The new ARBOX is a cost-effective AR experience headset equipment.

The use of astronomical telescope and space camera on the use of off-axis projection reflex free surface optical design, with a large field of view (3 times the optical waveguide), the image quality is clear (image quality depends on your use of mobile phone screen clarity ), Light weight and other advantages.

  1. The use of a unique card slot design, you can support 4.5 to 5.7 inch Android, IOS, WINDOWS operating system phone. You can also add the Bluetooth control buttons(When the handle bluetooth is turned on, and the phone is connected with Bluetooth after the success of the name “Keysco”), you can not press the external button Glasses Box outside the button is only used to reserve the late development function, the current is only used for the appearance of decorative use, the external button is not yet have the substantive function), convenient operation of the phone, the shell is imported high-strength engineering rubber material, with a strong texture, high temperature. Lenses used, imported optical lens-level materials, and after more than 20 coating process, with high-definition, anti-fingerprint, scratch and other advantages. Is a portable AR experience device.
  2. AR BOX itself without storage space, glasses storage space depends on your mobile phone storage space.
  3. This AR BOX product, AR BOX top no camera at present, the appearance of the camera is only for the future development of advanced configuration products reserved design, is currently used as a decorative appearance, no substantive features, please note!
  4. This product provides Powerful and rich  AR holographic effect experience APP application (IOS and Android system) free download and use,  For details please contact customer service!
  5. AR BOX itself does not have Bluetooth function, external handle Bluetooth device connected to the phone to use Bluetooth,The above product parameters are based on your phone parameters.
  6. This watch is the new product released in September 2017, the current version of the sale, can be used for recreation, AR / VR games, see AR / VR movies, see AR / VR video use, can not be used for medical, construction Design and other fields,
  7. Please refer to the above description of 1-7points for detailed parameters of the product. 1-7 point parameter function description is the final interpretation.

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  1. Dean Norris

    I recently bought these innovative augmented reality glasses and the result was amazing. I watched the games and applications of the mobile phone appear as an hologram and in three dimensions in front of my eyes. Fast delivery and good packaging. I will definitely order again.

    Dean Norris

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